Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Musings - Simple Complexity

I am enjoying the rare privilege today of spending a Sunday at home in my studio. On those days when most of the world tends to gear down, I am either heading out to play a concert or pack my artwork to present at a show or market. Today, though, I can sit in my bird's nest apartment and watch a pair of jays chasing each other from branch to branch of the plum tree in front of my window. Squirrel has dedicated his day to digging up each and every nasturtium seed I have so carefully planted in the windowboxes. But, somehow I don't even mind.

Although today is a concert-less day, it certainly doesn't mean that there is no music. I've chosen Schubert and Alfred Brendel to accompany me. The "Moment Musicaux" are lovely, short piano pieces that, although they lack the structural development of a sonata or symphony, contain a myriad of colors and moods. (The third piece is one most of you will recognize from those childhood piano lessons.) Today they remind me of the April sky - the simple complexity of an everchanging mix of clouds and blue with periodic interruptions by passing birds.

My paintbrushes have not been idle during this window gazing. Here are a few of my "Moment Musicaux" - small and colorful pieces of April fun.

Moment Musicaux 1&2
Moment Musicaux 3

 I've mixed watercolors, ink and collage - a simple complexity - open to individual interpretation. . . What shapes do you see in the clouds?

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