Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to Blogging!

My prolonged silence was definitely not planned - the summer months have simply taken a path that was very different from the norm.

The big news is that I have moved. After 24 years on the ground floor in the Kommandantenstrasse, I have found a marvelous loft with wonderful light and space for painting and music. Needless to say, the move itself was strenuous and trying, (lugging over 250 frames up two flights of stairs) but well worth the accompanying muscle aches. Now I look eye to eye with the squirrels and chickadees who occupy the trees surrounding our house.  Fantastic!


And. . . there is plenty of room for display. 

It is exciting to experience my pictures in a totally different ambiance.The brick wall is a great background, complete with all its irregularities. Hanging these pictures was about the last thing I did before taking off for a bit of R&R with family and friends in New York, so I was especially pleased to return to Berlin last week and see my "new" gallery.

 As in Kommandantenstrasse, my studio will be open for customers - just phone to make an appointment.  Info is posted in my profile and on the KlangArt website. 

speaking of which . . . I'm looking for a bit of help and coaching on updating said web presence. . .  something like "CSS 101" . . .
In my new environment, I have  been busy fiddling and painting - the interesting architecture of my apartment is really inspiring.That means that there will be lots of new works to post here in the coming months.

 . . . one last thought . . .
Three things to help conquer the troublesome difficulties in life: Hope, Sleep and Laughter.
                                                                                                     Immanuel Kant