Sunday, February 7, 2016


These last days have been filled with movements and motion. First, I flew from the USA back to Europe. On the first leg of the tour over western NY State I was lucky enough to have a window seat and enjoy the fantastic winter landscape below. With a cloudless sky and practically no snow, I was treated to a panorama view of the Finger Lakes and all the villages and byways I have known for so many years. The patchwork of many fields and woods - so many shades of gold, ocker, brown and green -  will certainly be a subject for future paintings.

Back in Berlin, I have been moving a lot of paint around - on paper, that is. The lack of snow has not hindered me from trying to capture a bit of winter atmosphere with ink and watercolor. Admittedly, there is no motion in this painting, simply the expectation of action that could follow. Perhaps a bird will fly or a lone hiker will appear from behind a tree; the decision is individual.
Winter Magic

Of the half dozen pictures I have started this week, my favorite (at the moment) is another ink and watercolor - pure motion.
Wind in the Sails

There is definitely wind in these sails - maybe a harbinger of spring. Aside from my play on Kandinsky, there is nothing more than imagination here.  The checkerboard, though, is a recollection of my flight over New York; the winter fields have become decoration for a sail.

Musically, I am in the midst of learning a new Mozart opera - new for me, of course. "La finta Giardiniera" is an early work, but full of tidbits that Mozart reused and developed in his later music. (There will be more on this next week!) It is stimulating to learn something new and interesting to experience the musical beginnings of a young Mozart. I will leave you with a bit of something different -  Bach's first solo sonata for violin - simply perfect. Each movement is a masterpiece of its own; I couldn't pick a favorite.

February Fantasy