Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving - Giving Thanks

To all my family and friends in the USA, I send wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving of togetherness. Being so far away, I particularly can appreciate those rare moments when family members take the time to be together and enjoy each other without the stress of a regular work day. Here in Germany, it is business as usual, but my email folder and facebook page have been filled with holiday greetings from abroad. Thank you to all! The long distance friends and relatives are just as precious as the ones next door. And I am most thankful for these wonders of modern technology (which I will never understand), but allow us to communicate instantaneously with one another and melt away the miles. Yes, I do mean Skype, Google, Facebook and Co. . . . .

Here in my Berlin studio things are taking shape for the coming holiday season. Just this past week, there have been a couple inquiries about specific paintings and the possibility of an exhibit. Keep looking for updates!

Feldmohn - Field PoppiesFeldmohn - Field Poppies II

These two cameos of field poppies are destined for a Christmas market next month - hopefully just the perfect gift for someone.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fog and Frost

I have been watching the change of season from the big windows of my loft. This morning there is a lovely dusting of frost on all the adjacent roofs. The last few leaves are still hanging onto the big oak tree, but most of the branches are bare now, making it easy to observe a squirrel on his daily rounds. It is amazing how quickly he scrambles from tree to tree. I am very glad to have my observation post in a warm and lighted room.

On the operatic scene, I have been playing Verdi's Don Carlos - it could easily be my favorite Verdi. Each time I play the opera, I hear new things - the beautiful use of counterpoint - two independent melodies that meet and intertwine and create a fantastic atmosphere. There are numerous clips on youtube - I've chosen just one: King Phillip expressing sorrow and doubt

Frosty World - the Lausitz

I "discovered" this scene on a walk I took; it must be someone's private Paradise. I, too, was taken by the view.

And one more "Frost:"

     We saw leaves go to glory,
     Then almost migratory
     Go part way down the lane,
     And then to end the story
     Get beaten down and pasted
     In one wold day of rain.
     We heard " 'tis over" roaring.
     A year of leaves was wasted.
     Oh, we make boast of storing,
     Of saving and of keeping,
     But only by ignoring
     The waste of moments sleeping,
     The waste of pleasure weeping,
     By denying and ignoring
     The waste of nations warring.
                            Robert Frost