Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Glow

I think the forces of nature have had a conference and decided to concentrate all their efforts on this last day of October and make it the most fabulous of autumn events. The bluest of blue skies and sunshine galore have made the last show of colorful leaves a real painter's dream. Even the maples (that theoretically do not turn red here in Europe) have done their best to prove science wrong. Needless to say, my afternoon walk was pure joy. The temperature is even mild enough that I could enjoy browsing through a neighbor's yard sale - I love these little treasure hunts and forays into remnants other worlds. The follow up is, of course, bringing the new acquisitions - a book or a basket or a little dish - home and making them fit into one's own surroundings.
Autumn Aspens
Just a week ago, the tables were turned as I was at the midpoint of Open House weekend in my KlangArt studio - a grand event, made so by the many friends, art lovers and customers who took the time to drop by for a visit. There were many interesting conversations as well as comments on my artwork and my architecturally distinctive apartment. As an artist, the most rewarding moment of such an event comes when someone expresses interest in a specific painting - enough to want to buy it and be able to look at it and rediscover it daily in their home. . .  to make it fit into their own personal world.  My heart smiles.

My closing thought comes as I listen to the daily news on the radio:

       "The job of an artist is to offer a sanctuary of beauty to an otherwise ugly world."
                                                                                                             Jeff Goins
Between Day and Night

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