Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good bye, September

I have been thoroughly enjoying those last bits of September sunshine and warmth here in my birds- nest studio. The air is especially clear and fresh - makes my watercolors seem more vibrant than usual. The first tinges of color are coming to the trees; it is a time when I like to close my eyes and remember the fantastic reds and oranges of the sugar maples in western New York - these are shades that can't be duplicated by the European maples.

A squirrel has been visiting my window regularly - burying his treasure of walnuts in my window boxes. He is fascinating to watch.  I've often wondered if the animals really remember where they deposit their food stash. If there is a walnut tree sprouting at my window in the spring, I guess I'll have the answer.

The cat is, of course, also very interested in our visitor. Squirrel seems to know that there is no immediate danger and goes about his business as usual, while Snoopy is both mesmerized by the action and frustrated by the combination of proximity and distance.

With all of the harbingers of autumn at my window, I've been prompted to continue using a palette of similar colors in my paintings - ocher and gold, red and cadmium orange and with crispy, clear ink outlines. There is no attempt on my side  to imitate all that is going on outdoors; it is my personal translation of the September atmosphere. Great stuff!

Barberry and Rose hips

Elements - the colors of September

And, of course, the week would not be complete without a bit of good music. My "discovery" is a group called Time for Three. Granted, they have been around for a number of years, but somehow had escaped me until recently. I'm most impressed by their virtuosity and inspired by their musicality. Here is a clip with Joshua Bell as guest artist -
Have fun listening!

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