Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn Thoughts

Even though September was a fantastic month, I am really looking forward to October - a month full of opposites. There are the chilly, foggy mornings followed by warm and golden afternoons; one day can have a  crystal clear an cloudless sky while the next brings a powerful windstorm bending trees and sending colorful leaves on their way. It is time for me to bring some candles out of their summer storage and enjoy their warm light during the long evenings.

Brahms symphonies are on my record player (yes, I still have one!) and I'm painting lots of deep reds and golden oranges while I know that I can't really copy the autumn rainbow that presents itself at my window. But, we love to try!

Fall Fireworks on the Lietzen Lake

"We learn from nature, just how slowly things develop
and how late the noblest of them ripen."

                                                                                           August Hermann Niemeyer

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